Too Many 110's

I get pretty annoyed at myself these days when I look at my screen inventory. I've got way more 110 mesh screens on hand than I should. Sure, I'll need one for a white base now and again, but I'm really steering away from piling layers of ink on my shirts.

See, I bought most of them because they were the cheapest screens on order, and I figured they would be more durable and save me more money in the long run. There is some truth to this, and I've used the hell out of them over the past couple of years, but now I'm starting to use all 180's for white ink. Now I'm in this holding-pattern of reclaiming the same 180's over and over again, while this stockpile of 110s is just staring me down like that group of kids you used to eat lunch with in high school until you found slightly cooler friends.

I know, I could re-mesh the frames, but I don't have time for that sort of tomfoolery. It requires a steady hand and patience, not to mention the glue stinks to high-heaven. Plus if I start streaching mesh on anything, it's going to be my segway into large format printing: 32 x 48 in., baby.

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